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February 2020: Last Friday Waiting & Listening

Every deterrent possible will come to hinder you from hearing God.

Tonight is the last Friday in the month of February. Let's stop to wait and listen.

I'm sure you can attest - Everything possible will try to discourage you and cause you not to hear from God. That proves even more so that your waiting and listening time to hear what God is speaking is detrimental to the enemy. Every setback that comes your way proves that God has something to share with you that will direct you in this season.

Devote some of your midnight to see what God wants to share with you.

There's instruction in your waiting and listening times. Keep the victory reports and prayer requests coming to

Wait. Listen. Hear. Obey. Repeat.


Enjoy a short clip from last week's February prophetic session @ Harvest Center: "Depart" - Feb 23 2020.

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