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Hebrew Word: Emunah, 07/10/19

faith -Emunah-_edited.png

In English, we render “faith” as the belief or existence of – as our culture tends to focus more on the mental activity.


An excellent example is the word “hear” or “listen,” which is the Hebrew word SHEMA. In our culture, hearing and listening are mental activities simply meaning to pick up sound. However, in the Bible “shema” is hearing as well as its outcomes: responsiveness, doing what is heard, taking heed, obeying.


Faith in Hebrew is the word “Emunah” meaning firm or something supported or secure. It comes from the root word “aman” which is a craftsman who is secure in their craft.

Faith is not simply knowing or believing that God exists as we understand it to mean or even knowing that He will act for you. Rather, it is that the one with faith, emunah, is the aman (craftsman) and is able to act or respond with firmness and steadfastness to God’s word and will. Your response is your faith; otherwise, faith is dead (nonexistent).

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