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Midnight Watch ~ 3rd Watch of the Night


The mission of UP at Midnight is to establish a culture of prophetic prayer that flows from the heart of God and turns the heart of man toward God.

UP at Midnight Prayer establishes a lasting, fervent prayer culture that awakens and prepares the church for the return of Christ. It is a time of prophetic prayer through worship, warfare, and the Word. During midnight intercession, we are covering part of the 3rd night-watch. Intercession is held on alternating Friday nights beginning at 11:55 pm. The 3rd watch hours are between 12-3 am, and it is said to be one of the most important times to keep watch. It is the time of release, freedom, and overruling. It is also the time when deep sleep falls upon men (Acts 20:7-12; Matthew 13:25), and so we conclude that evil activity increases during these hours. Midnight prayer releases prophetic revelation, angelic intervention, and overrules satanic activity.






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