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Prophetic Release

The Lord shared His heart with me, and I heard the phrase Spiritual Farmers in a very prophetic atmosphere in His house yesterday. Spiritual Farmers are arising!!

The word the Lord placed in my heart was "Spiritual Farmers are able to discern when the conditions of the grounds are right and ready to sow." Go forth to sow and reap.

Spiritual farmers are arising!! Soils and grounds are being prepared just for you.

Spiritual farmers are sowers and reapers. It is in their spiritual makeup. They plow and they till. They are well equipped in maintaining their soil.

Spiritual farmers become experts in knowing the conditions of the soil. They specialize in soil management. It is not strange for them to frequently test soil. They learn what is in the soil and how it benefits particular seeds that are planted. Spiritual Farmers understand that different crops have different needs.

They know WHAT to plant, WHEN to plant, WHERE to plant, and, equally important, WHEN to harvest. Spiritual Farmers even know HOW deep to plant. There is no harvesting without the Spiritual Farmer.

As the sons of Isaachar, they have great discernment, and they are well acquainted with the sowing and reaping process.

Now is the season that Spiritual Farmers are arising!!

Janice Sanders

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