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Dullness of Senses ~ Stop accepting the generic

We were on the road the other day and, according to my daughter, she was super hungry, so she grabbed a GENERIC bag of chips to eat and went to town. The fact that the chips were generic is significant to my point. So, after devouring the chips in a ravenous manner, my daughter says, "Those chips were the best chips I've ever tasted in my life." Apparently her "extreme" hunger (Lol!) and her lack of receiving real food, at that moment, threw off her sense of taste.

Could that generic bag of chips possibly be the best chips she had ever tasted in her life??

My point: Our senses fool us when we're empty or desperate. Emptiness and misdirected hunger causes us to not exercise our senses properly. Scripture refers to it as dullness of senses.

Here's the moral I took away: Don't allow yourself to be empty and become desperate to the point of accepting the generic or counterfeit, being ok with it, and even making yourself believe it's the best you have (or will ever have). God always has the best for us - No generics!

God wants us to experience the real. His best! Not the counterfeit. Not the generic. So, exercise your senses so you're not making decisions from a place of emptiness, or numbness, dullness.

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