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7.19.18 Humility and Hunger

I sense such a strong space for grace to those who come to the Father in humility and hunger. Repentance. Windows of grace. The Lord wants to and will fill that hunger with His goodness. Open your mouth wide and He will fill it. Holy Spirit wants to encounter you in an unusual way and bring light to those dark areas in your life. Things and ways that you've gotten so use to because it's just been that way for so long, there is a breaking through at hand. Gates are opening for those who allow the Lord to go ahead of them.

Humility. Humility. Humility. Humility. Humility. required. Throwing yourself down. Throwing your thoughts down. Throwing your preconceived notions down. Throwing your agenda down. Letting go of what you're use to and moving into what may seem unusual, but that is necessary for the expected end that God has for you. Grace, Grace!! God is establishing you in grace to walk through it and into it all. Heaven has released REINFORCEMENT for this charge because your heart is one of humility and hunger. Grace, Grace to you!!

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