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Reset Confirmed

I can't take credit for this Word. I am not the first to speak it in this season, but I heard it as if it were spoken directly to me and for me, and I take it as CONFIRMATION. In midnight prayer this past Friday night, I heard the word RESET so loud and clear in my spirit. I believe the Lord is confirming that the RESET is for HIS people, and it is for NOW.

Reset: to set again or differently; to set anew; to determine

Re-set means to place in a new setting. God is shifting some of us out of our present settings of familiarity and comfortability and into new settings of uniqueness and notability.

A Spirit-inspired reset allows for course correction. Where you were once off track, it gets you back on track. A reset can bring back that which has been lost. It can restore that which was or even that which was not--for greater gain.

I know the Lord wants to reset various areas of our lives—well, He wants to RESET our lives altogether.

You say: What should I do now to not miss what the Lord is doing?

We should be getting our houses in order so that we do not miss anything that the Lord is doing in the seasons He is doing it.

The RESET has begun. Don't miss it.

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