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Laughing Season

Sarah's laugh became her praise...and God is doing the same for you.

I find it very intriguing that, in spite of how trying the season has been, I have never laughed so much in the Spirit in my entire life than I have in this if God is filling me with new wine. If you've never experienced the laughter of the Holy Spirit, I pray He would encounter Your heart in such a unique way in this season - in such a way that pours new wine within you and stirs laughter and distinct shouts of joy up out of you.

"Sarah said, "God has made me laugh, and everyone who hears will laugh with me."" Genesis 21:6

I felt a strong leading to reshare this word with you.

"Breaker anointing is breaking through for you!!! The adversary has tried everything in his power to overwhelm and discourage you with the attempt to frustrate the plan of God concerning your life and your household. Right now, during this time, when it seems the hardest to release shouts of joy, cries of victory, and songs of deliverance, allow Holy Spirit to shift you into a place that prophesies through your shouts, cries, and songs. The Lord spoke to me at the beginning of this month and then confirmed that it is laughing season for many. Don't wait to LOL!!! The Lord will cause you to laugh and those who see will laugh with you. Lift up your head!! Lift up your head O ye gates and allow the King of Glory to come in. God is getting ready to make your laugh your praise!! He is turning situations in your favor in such a way that will cause you to laugh in the face of the adversary and what was intended for evil. The glory of God will go before you to lead you in the right path for His namesake. He who breaks open the way will go up before you. You will break through the gate---that which has held you back and closed you in, that which has surrounded you and limited you---and you will go out. Yahweh has passed on before you and gone ahead of you. Open your mouth and loose your shouts, loose your cries, loose your songs, and loose your laughs!! It will send confusion into the stratagem of the enemy and his campgrounds.....and he, too, will have to work for you and no longer against you." (June 25, 2018)

Janice Sanders

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