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Prophetic Release

The other morning while I was in communion with the Lord, I heard Him speak a few words that I believe are important for what the Lord wants to release to us in our present season.

The childlikeness of heart is getting the Lord's attention right now. He's paying close attention to His children, and He is ready to respond as a tender Father who regards His children with love and concern. YOUR presence in Your Father's presence commands attention. The Lord is so concerned about you and everything that concerns you, and He is ready to respond.

I really sense the Lord ready to respond to His sons and daughters in this season. Don't be satisfied with the first helping; GO BACK FOR SECONDS. Return....again, and again, and again. This is your SEASON OF SECONDS (if I may use that analogy). There is a grace for filling in this season...for every area of your life to be filled with the glory of the Lord. Your soul. Your relationships. Your health. Your finances. Your future. Your present. Your past....

I sense the Lord's glory returning to your past to restore and bring restitution of what has been lost or stolen IN YOUR PAST and FOR YOUR PRESENT AND YOUR FUTURE because of your heart right now.

There is a fulfilling in this season. Fulfilling of promises, prophetic words, and plans. What I see is that the Lord's hands are full, and He is waiting for His children who are faithful, obedient, and hungry to approach Him with the right heart to receive what He has been holding in His hands specifically for you. You have found your place at the feet of the Lord and at the bosom of the Father. The seat that you have taken near the Lord shows your hunger and desperation. More than you could ever chase Him down, He is chasing you down. You will experience the love of God anew in this season. You will experience the closeness of God. Immerse yourself in God. Immerse yourself in the Word of God. Immerse yourself in the presence of God. This is your time to thrive, and the thriving will come through your immersion. Right near the Father's bosom. That is your place of satisfaction and of safety.

Go deep with the Lord. God's deep responds to your deep. Give Him more than casual conversations. Casual is synonymous to outer court experiences; those that are temporary and occasional; those that are "in passing" as you speak to a stranger or distant associate in passing. Casual conversations breed casual encounters and casual outcomes, and you need more than casual in this season. God's heart is for you to have more than that. He longs for your company. I hear the words "Warm the bosom of the Father. " Warm His heart with your love.

John 1:18 speaks on the bosom of the Father. There is a place at the bosom of the Father that is reserved specifically for you (that Jesus has made accessible to you). There is a sweet exchange that takes place there....and as you lavish Him with your love for Him, He shares His heart with you.

The Lord has been nudging you out of your comfortable place to move you near His bosom. Every circumstance, every challenge, every test has been used to draw you near. As you draw near to Him, He is drawing near to you.

If this connects with your heart, I pray that the words of the Lord would give you a fresh wind to pursue the Lord's heart fully and unrestrained and that you would receive what is in the Lord's hands for you in this season. His hands are full.


Janice Sanders

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