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Prophetic Release

The Lord shared His heart with me, and He showed me a picture of a woman medicated during childbirth much like what we are accustomed to in our present day culture when women give birth. This doesn't apply to everyone, but this is what the Lord showed me.

In this state, the woman will not feel too much. She is given all the relief needed, so she does not have to endure much pain, and she is medicated to make her as comfortable as possible during the birthing process. The ways of a worldly culture and system have conditioned us to become a people much like this woman - a people who do not appreciate the BIRTH because we have gotten so used to over-medicating during the BIRTHING PROCESS. Not many want to endure the pain. Not many want to endure the struggle. We would rather pass on the labor, but we'll take the "baby" alright. We will take the perfect marriage, and the perfect children, and the perfect testimony, but you can keep the exertion, the pain, the hard labor, the defects, and the possible risks. BUT I feel strongly that the the Lord has raised up a people who will endure the birthing process so they can celebrate the BIRTH in a deep and earnest way that will bring Glory to God in the highest. There are some things that if YOU had not endured...if YOU had not actually "felt that thing" as you would not be prepared for what is to come NOR would you appreciate what God is birthing forth through YOU. I had a different appreciation with my youngest son's birth because I had to endure all the pain with no relief. No matter how much I cried for it, no medication was given. The only thing that got me through was the EXPECTANT JOY of a healthy newborn and the SUPPORT of those in the delivery room. #WhosInYourRoom There are some situations in life that require you to #FeelIt #Endure #PraiseIsYourRelief #WorshipIsYourRelief (As Corey Russell says...There's a place of #TearsTonguesTravail that God is calling you to.) That's a word for someone!!

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