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Unusual, Unprecedented Grace

I have been witnessing an unusual grace this year, and it seems that the Lord is making sure that I recognize it undoubtedly. At the end of 2018, God gave me revelation that there would be an usual grace released going into 2019. First, He brought to my attention my middle name, FAYE, which means GRACE and FAVOR. I find it amusing that before I was born, God sealed my life with grace by giving me the perfect mother FOR ME to name me what I was anointed to walk in all along. I don't think my mother had any idea how prophetic my middle name was when she named me. Apparently, it was given because of a friend of hers with that name. So earlier this year, on 3.3.19, God used a $55 seed to speak to me. I heard "SOW" very clearly. I usually don't carry much cash on me, but I determined to sow the few dollars I had in my wallet. When I counted it, it was $55 exactly. Not thinking much of that seemingly small $55 seed. Something unlocked at that moment. God begin to highlight the number 5 everywhere I went. I would look at the time and it would say 5:55. When I stayed in Missouri shortly after sowing that seed, the lady offered us the space for $55 per night. I would make purchases and the price would be 5.55. I would open my emails and would just so happen to have 555 emails. My daughter shared a dream with me, and in the dream, she had five pairs of shoes. I would read a book or listen to a message and they would mention 555 in scripture readings or how God was highlighting 5s to them, as well. It has been nonstop. I mean...NONSTOP. It was so much that I began laughing each time because I knew the Lord was getting my attention and speaking through it. To say the least, there is an usual grace released during this season. God keeps showing me that grace is so much more than what I have reduced it to in past years. Grace is favor. Grace is empowerment. Grace is endurance. Grace is strength. Grace is provision. Grace is protection. Grace is honor. Grace is something of beauty and of value. A gracious woman retaineth honour: and strong men retain riches. (KJV, Proverbs 11:16) The Hebrew word for grace is composed of two letters: the chet and the nun. In short, the chet relates to the "the wall or camp of protection," and the nun relates to the "seed" representing a "continuous" blessing. Together these letter reveal that Grace represents a continue wall of blessing for those who remain within the camp of the Lord. Here's what I'm sensing: The unusual grace released during this season will be for a continuous memorial for the days ahead. This season of our lives will be a marking moment for the seasons ahead. What God is doing right now is going to blow our minds!! It's unusual. It's unprecedented. I have been declaring GRACE all year. The Spirit is giving it. "He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches!" Revelation 3:13

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