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Your Giftings & The Spirit

God has carefully designed and assigned people to help cultivate and draw out the gifts that He has placed within you.

One of the ploy's of the enemy, if he cannot destroy you completely, is to have you operating in your gifting but not at your fullest intended potential and anointing - to use your gift within your own power and might so long as no one gets healed, delivered, set free, saved, and transformed.

Just as God has assigned people to you, the adversary has an ill-assignment against all that you are, so he, too, is working to misuse your gifts, have you err in your anointing and calling, and ultimately devalue your mantle [your role in the body] and who you are in the Kingdom of God. It is your responsibility to...

Discern your gifts.

Discern your calling.

Discern how to effectively operate with your mantle.

Discern who you are in the Kingdom of God.

Discern who God has designed and assigned to you.

...and stop relying on others to discern for you.

Do what God has called you to do and what the Spirit has led and empowered you to do. You can't even rely on your own emotions and trajectories. They, too, will cause you to misuse what God has anointed to be sacred and holy, and you can become your own worst enemy in doing so.

Jesus had great wisdom in which He shared with us:

"I do nothing of myself and of my own initiative." John 8:28

He wasn't led by popularity. He wasn't led by crowds. He wasn't led by emotions or His own trajectories. He wasn't led of His own initiative. How much more should we walk in this wisdom?

Others may fail to recognize your significance in God - the care that your gifts, calling, and mantle requires. You yourself may fail to recognize your significance in God. But the Holy Spirit has perfect need and use of thee. God anoints what He appoints.

Are you weary? Using your gifts within your own power and might will have you weary and despising what God has deposited within you to release His glory from Heaven to Earth. You will be weary doing your own will and the will of man. God has assigned a people specifically for you - that have been assigned for your gift, for your calling, and for your mantle - and He is inviting you to partner with Him to bring about His purposes that He will perfectly and entirely work through you for His glory.

"Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the Lord of hosts." Zechariah 4:6

Janice Sanders


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Do not despise the very environment that God has placed you in to give you dominion and authority over certain areas you are called to.

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