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"The Prophetic Is" - Another Clip from 2/9/2020 Training @ Harvest Center

*The prophetic is the nature or characteristics of God.

*Prophecy is the heart of God.

*To prophesy is to share God's heart.

God is waiting for you to bow down your ear and hear Him share His heart.

Last night was our 2nd midnight waiting and listening time. I find that God will send you a word when you and how you least expect it - often outside of your waiting times. Waiting is a means to condition [sensitize] you for what He's going to speak when He speaks it so you can receive it. Waiting and listening is a way to add spiritual discipline to your life and lessen resistance and objection to the voice of God.

Below is another short clip from last Sunday Training @ the Harvest Center San Antonio (2/9/2020)

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