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February 2020: 3rd Friday Waiting & Listening

With two more Fridays left in the month of February, it seems as if the time has raced by.

...and again I say, there's nothing better than stopping to wait and listen to what the Lord will speak.

I've been experiencing an increase in dreams lately. What about you? How are you hearing? What are you hearing?

Wait. Listen. Hear. Obey. Repeat.

As we close out this week - going into the last week of February, we enter into a new month, a new moon, and a new cycle [season] of life. Every new cycle requires you to hear God anew.

We soon enter into the month of Adar on the Jewish calendar. According to Jewish belief, Adar is said to be the month that "we increase in joy” to welcome a season of miracles.

Devote some of your midnight to see what God wants to share with you for the season.

There's instruction in your waiting and listening times. Send victory reports and prayer requests to Until next time!

Waiting and Listening,


By the way, the latest episode of the UP at Midnight Podcast is out - Season 1 Episode 5: ...And Again I Say Rejoice "Chairo" - Enjoy!

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