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Prayer for Prophetic Vision 11.2.18 #UPatMidnight

During Midnight Prayer last night, I made a prophetic release concerning VISION. Here's a YouTube clip pulled from last night's prayer...

I am planning to do a course on VISION before the start of 2019. We all need to hear and see rightly to move into anything that God has for us. Here's a bit to chew on....

Vision is necessary for the children of God. The Hebrew word (Strong’s 2377)— for vision is Chazon, which is divine communication, prophecy, divine guidance, prophetic revelation, and the oracles and authority of God. God divinely communicates to us whether through divine inspiration, dreams, prophecy, His oracles, or however He chooses. Our understanding of vision is as a sight word. Even our English dictionary (according to Merriam Webster) defines vision as the ability to see: sight or eyesight.: something that you imagine: and a picture that you see in your mind,” but it excludes the fact that VISION IS HEARD BEFORE IT IS SEEN. I love the truth that the Hebrew word reveals about vision—VISION begins as communication. What has the Lord communicated to you to enlighten your vision?

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